Pro Natura – Switzerland’s Number One in Conservation

That's us


Form Pro Natura is a private non-profit organization founded in 1909. It's the largest organization for nature conservation in Switzerland. Pro Natura welcomes everybody wishing to contribute to conservation in Switzerland.


Basis over 100'000 members and 30'000 donors


Organization Leading positions on all levels are held by volunteers; 120 employees in the head office in Basel and the cantonal offices of Pro Natura. 


What we do 


Politics Pro Natura stands for a sustainable policy in all nature-related fields. It forms a pressure and lobbying group in cooperation with other national and international environmental organizations. Legal action is taken if necessary to protect nature's rights.


Nature reserves Pro Natura secures through legally binding contracts over 650 nature preserves, an area of about 250 square kilometers throughout Switzerland. A portion of these nature preserves are professionally managed by Pro Natura itself. Over 60 square kilometers is owned by Pro Natura, making it the largest private landowner in Switzerland. Each year, Pro Natura secures new areas or purchases new parcels of land to improve protection, realign boundaries, and upgrade existing nature preserves. With its nature preserves, Pro Natura protects the habitats of a vast number of animals and plants species, furnishing them and their future generations with an attractive and unspoiled landscape. Pro Natura was founded to create the only Swiss National Park in 1914 and has since helped to establish half of all protected areas in Switzerland. The creation and management of nature reserves is still one of the main tasks of Pro Natura.


Education Nature and environment education is an important field of Pro Natura activities. Campaigns designed for schools and classes as much as a documentation service for teachers give ideas and involve thousands of kids every year. The Pro Natura Centers in Aletsch (Valais, Alps) and Champ-Pittet (on the Lake of Neuchatel) offer special programs for schools and youth groups. A children’s magazine is offered to all younger members of Pro Natura.


Communication Pro Natura explains the wonders of nature and the necessities of conservation. The Pro Natura Magazin is published five times a year and distributed free to all members. Media work, regular press releases and a variety of other publications contribute to our communication effort.


International Pro Natura is founding member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Swiss member of Friends of the Earth International. Pro Natura takes part in regional networks such as Friends of the Earth Europe and the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps CIPRA.


And the money? 

Pro Natura has a yearly turnover of 20 million Swiss Francs. Over 80 % of this amount comes from donations, collections and membership fees.