The wild Val Cluozza in the heart of the Swiss National Park Matthias Sorg

Pro Natura – Switzerland’s Number One in Conservation

Pro Natura is Switzerland’s oldest nature conservation organization. We love nature, defend its interests, and give it a strong voice. The natural diversity of animals, plants and habitats needs to be preserved and promoted!

One of the pioneering achievements of our organization, founded in 1909, was the creation of the Swiss National Park. Today Pro Natura oversees about 750 nature reserves and manages a dozen nature centres all over Switzerland. At a national level, we act through our central organization, but we are present in all Swiss regions with our cantonal offices too. Pro Natura is also active at an international level as a member of Friends of the Earth International.

With about 170,000 members and 25,000 faithful donors we can count on broad support. They are the financial backbone of our organization. Pro Natura is Zewo certified.

Our goals

Strengthen biodiversity

We want protected areas in Switzerland to grow in size and quality. Unprotected areas will increase in ecological value. Common species will remain common, while rare species will become more common again.

Protect landscapes

Switzerland needs to reduce land development and urban sprawl. Building and no-building zones need to be separated more strictly. Unspoiled, unique landscapes require better protection.

Conserve natural resources

We are convinced that private and public decisions need to be made considering natural resources. We as a society have to find alternatives to unlimited growth.

Improve our connection to nature

We are sure that people will treat the environment with more care and respect if they feel closer to nature and are encouraged to question their personal behaviours and habits.

To reach our goals, we at Pro Natura focus on:

  • political nature conservation to make sure that laws for the protection of nature are adhered to
  • practical nature conservation to support endangered species
  • environmental education for children and adults to spark their interest in nature
  • communication that inspires people to think about nature

International activism

Environmental problems do not stop at borders. Biodiversity loss and climate change are global issues. That is why Pro Nature co-founded the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in 1948 and currently serves as the Secretariat of Swiss IUCN members. Since 1995 we have also been a member of Friends of the Earth International. Together with 75 other organizations, we stand up for a society that lives in harmony with nature worldwide.

To this end, we:

  • campaign for Switzerland to make stronger commitments in environmental issues.
  • demand that international corporations based in Switzerland assume responsibility for actions affecting the environment and society
  • take part in international negotiations (especially in areas like biodiversity and climate change)
  • participate in the campaign of Friends of the Earth Europe for the protection of nature
  • support our partner organizations in managing projects in Eastern Europe and in countries in the southern hemisphere.

Friends of the Earth International Website

Friends of the Earth Europe Website

More information is available in German or French.