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Working Together for Nature

Small actions can lead to positive change

Would you like to give nature more room and get involved yourself? Would you like to become part of an effective organization? Here is how you can help nature in Switzerland.

Everyone’s contribution is needed to make nature thrive. Even small actions bring about positive change: native plants on your balcony or in your garden attract butterflies; frogs and toads can migrate more freely if the fences you install are off the ground or if you take measures to prevent your cellar entrance from becoming a frog trap. We at Pro Natura are happy to share our nature tips with you. Our experts will gladly answer your questions personally.

Your donation for nature

We love nature, defend its interests, and give it a strong voice. We safeguard more than 700 nature reserves, are involved in politics and environmental education, and engage with the public in order to promote biodiversity and natural landscapes. Thank you for your support!

Make a donation

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Over 3,000 people of all ages and walks of life are volunteering for Pro Natura. Nature benefits from their work immensely: it is only thanks to the assistance of volunteers that we can maintain our nature reserves, accomplish our projects, and advance our organization.

Nature needs people like you! Only if we all work together can we give nature a voice. Too often nature conservation is neglected in politics and society -- we need effective advocates of nature. So why not become a member of Pro Natura?

Your contribution is invaluable to us. It enables us to protect and boost the natural diversity of animals, plants, and habitats. 90% of our work is funded through donations and membership fees. Only thanks to your financial support can we defend nature’s interests and give it a strong voice.

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